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Exeter Airport

In the south east of United Kingdom, near Devon lies the Exeter city airport. Like for any city, Exeter airport is also very important for its city people. The basic reason is definitely because of the transport facility which has opened a main gateway to the south east of the United Kingdom. The second reason is this gateway has increased awareness among the tourists about the Exeter city, due which the tourists industry of the Exeter has boosted up dramatically adding up to the annual income of locals.

Exeter International Airport lies conveniently within 6 miles of the city centre, making the transport even easier for the passengers in and out of the airport. The airport is under the able-supervision of regional and city airport limited also known as RCA. The administration has handled over 1 million passengers in the past years, the passenger traffic has however, declined to 7-8 hundred thousand in recent years. The airport deals with scheduled and chartered flights within the entire Europe and a special facility for passengers from Exeter to Toronto, Canada is also arranged on weekly basis.

The airport’s administration has taken great care of environmental issues concerning aircraft noise. Through instrumental landing system ISL, the Exeter’s air traffic control guides majority of the commercial aircrafts while landing. Exeter airport with the contribution of their passengers has also introduced a carbon calculator to keep a check on CO2 balance. Exeter have Flybe as their largest flights operator and carries an effective Eco aircraft labeling scheme, promising more fuel efficient flights with eco-friendly breaking of fuel elements.

Exeter airport is also the first airport to have introduced a security system known as Zero Harm in the country. This ensures that airport operates in a secure manner and places the safety of their customers ahead of everything. Not only the safety of the passengers but Exeter airport all the possible facilities to their customers that they could need while their stay at the airport. There are two terminals on the one and only, ground floor of the airport. One terminal for the departures while the other one that is right adjacent to departures, says arrivals. Both terminals have facilities divided among them. Passengers can find; cafes and restaurant on site with proper dinning in and eating experience, there are concourse shops that sell flight accessories, confectionaries and magazines etc. currency exchange counter and cash machines can be easily spotted in the departure lounge. The departure lounge is well adapted for the passenger’s luxury and comfort.

All the shopping areas and catering are open from the time of first flight’s check-in till late at night. Passengers with priority pass can avail the luxury of executive lounge irrespective of what airline they have chosen and which class they are travelling in. In this lounge they can enjoy comfortable stay, eat drink and shop all they want. Enjoy facilities like free wifi internet option, complementary coffee and tea anyone can make reservations by calling the front desk of the airport with charges as low as £ 16 per person. Along with all these services the Exeter administration has undertaken a survey that includes passenger’s input about their services and advice on some aspects they think necessary.

Apart from onsite luxuries for the passengers checked-in for air-transport, Exeter has a well planned ground transport system for those who have checked out as well. There are three parking areas on airport site; short stay or drop off lane that is right in-front of the departures terminal and two long-stay car parking premium and standard. Passengers can book the car-parking online.

Airport Information

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Time Zone:
GMT +0.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
50° 44’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
3° 25’ 0" W
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2,083m (6,834ft)
46m (151ft)