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Exeter Airport Parking

The Exeter airport is frequently used for the business man and for the tourists out on adventurous vacations. Whatever purpose there is for visiting Exeter airport, whether for dropping someone off or picking someone up or just parking your car the airport before to get off on your plane, the Exeter administration has all under control through their various parking lot and schemes.

The parking areas at Exeter are not only handled by RCA the airport administration but they have hired different car parking agencies which take care of the parking area and the cars parked. Right in from of the airport it is drop off lane or short term parking the parking rent is as low as £ 1. The agency you choose provides with chauffer which will take the car on you arrival at the airport, saving you from the trouble of finding an adequate parking and then walking all the way back to the terminal, and when you walk out of the terminal the chauffer will drive the car back to you. Likewise there is a long stay airport parking area which is five to fifteen minutes away from the airport, there is no shuttle bus service to get there but when the passenger checks-in he/she can give their car hey to the same deck they show their ticket to and when they check-out that is come back they will be instructed how to get back their car.

The long term car parking area is highly monitored by regular patrolling and high security system. The rents of car parking areas differ as the car parking agencies differ. But the discounts are available on booking in advance online, in all the parking areas, short stay and long stay the discounts range up to 30% and the first ten minutes are free at standard parking area.