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Exeter Airport Trains

Exeter airport is a small airport that operates six to seven airlines and very few scheduled flights naturally it is not a very busy airport of England and the administration has no worries but little about the flow of the passenger traffic in and out of the airport. Hence, they have different sort of ground transport available to keep the small cycle of passengers in motion yet there is no train transit that leaves from airport, unlike many other international airports of England have.

There is however, a city train station that operates National rails within the city and to its outskirts. The train also operates between midlands and the rest of Devon County. There are five train stations or the points at which the train takes its stop when in Exeter and takes the passengers around Devon but all of the five stops are away from the airport the nearest to the airport is 2.5 miles away. These stations can be reached by the courtesy of local bus service that operates on hourly bases to the airport or through the airport’s shuttle bus service. The bus takes thirty two minutes from the airport to the Exeter central stop of the train, from there the train takes off to London Waterloo to South and North of Devon and from there to Exmouth.

Trains departing from different stops have different destinations although all ends up at the Exmouth station. The train has a unique ticking system but the good thing is that passengers can buy a group ticket if they are travelling with a group or family members or can book sleepers cabin if they have an overnight journey to other end of England. The train tickets costs much less if they are booked in advanced at these tickets are strictly valid for that scheduled train they were bought for.