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Exeter Airport Buses

Buses are vital part of any city’s transport system for locals as well as for foreigners. Likewise in Exeter-Devon bus services are given great deal of importance in keeping good maintenance of this public transport. If you have happened to arrive at Exeter and find yourself little out of the budget to hire a car or go around on taxis with their high rents then Bus service is the right choice for you. This way you won’t even miss out on anything as buses operates on fixed schedule and will drop you off at your desired destination within said time.

Getting to the airport by bus is definitely a best choice knowing that you have to catch a bus at exact time you will hurry up with your packing and be there for the bus at the station and therefore, chances of missing your flight complete vanishes off. There are around five bus services that operate in and out of the airport to and from the Exeter airport; stagecoach that services 56A and B the route it takes from St, Davids station to bus station to the airport and costs about 10p per person. The Devon bus service take the same route of 56A and the bus operates on hourly bases from bus station to the airport.

The airport is about five miles away from the town centre and it takes a bus 32 exact minutes to operate from St. Davids to airport with three possible stops in between. The bus services from 7 am in the morning till 7 pm in the evening. The schedule remains tight and the same from Monday to Friday except back holidays. You can get revised information about schedule on bank holidays and that on weekends visit the official website of Exeter airport online.