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Exeter Tourist Attractions

Exeter is a historic city in the midst of Devon County at the south west of the England. The city streets are bursting with the essence of middle ages and pre historic times. One can find souvenirs of Roman times as early as 250 BC, at one or other corners of the city. Exeter in Devon is one of those cities that display the changing history as it happened through the remnants of the old historic times. Historian can come here and spend year over years discovering, How the people of past used to live like through the leftovers of their heritage. Historian can find a complete record of history through the buildings and remains that comes down in series from the times of Roman in BC to the times of Celtic and Saxon to Medieval times of early 10th century to Tudor and Stuart times of 15th century extending to the Georgian and Victorian times in 18th century till the times of second world war and post war.

Gate way to this living record of history is through the Exeter airport that is only 5 miles from the city centre at the location of Clyst Honiton. The airport deals with flights from around the Europe and occasionally from Canada. Hence, getting to Exeter through the Exeter airport is not hard at all. Like most of the midlands and southern side of England, Exeter is a green land and one can witness the eye soothing lush green meadows as the measure there way away from the airport towards city or the midlands through M5 highway. The city of Exeter is only 270 kilometer from the city of London and the drive on the roads surrounded by greenery on both side have such a therapeutic effect.

Tourists in recent years have established a tradition of tourist industry in Exeter so much so that it is now one of the top tourist destinations in England, at first the city was only an attraction to those who kept a taste in History, culture and heritage but ever since the working of the Exeter airport in 2004 the awareness of how exiting Exeter is of a vacational spot has increased and the demand for Exeter has spread like a wild fire. Tourists when in Exeter can visit the Parliament Street, formally known as the ‘small lane’; this street is the narrowest street of the world. The street is as narrow as only twenty five inches in its width therefore, only one person can walk through it at a time.

To have a short walking tour around the exciting places of Exeter tourists can opt out for the Red Coats guided tours through the city. The tour will take only ninety minutes while you will get familiar to the corners of the city. These guided tours are available in several languages. Visit the Cathedral of Exeter, the ST. Peter’s church that is the perfect example of Gothic architecture, the two towers of the Church dominates the skyline of Exeter. The Rougemont castle or the remains of Rougemont castle, which is a Norman castle over a thousand years old is open for tourists. Many musical festivals and artistic exhibitions are held in the castle making it the state of art centre of Exeter city. The St. Davis church and the St Michaels Church with bishop building are also some places to visit. The river Exe and the canal Basin provides that European touch to the scenic beauty of Exeter. The canal is ages back to fifteen century and is one of the oldest artificial water canals of the Britain.