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Avis Exeter Airport

At the Exeter airport there is an adequate system of ground transport for the convenience of their passengers. They have taxis, buses and car hire companied that operates from the airport’s site. Among many rent-a-car companies that have their franchise at Exeter airport, Avis is one. Passengers can easily spot the car hire counter of Avis when they come out of the arrivals terminal. The rent-a-car counters are always found in arrival lounge for the ease of the passengers coming in.

Most of them are tourists who would prefer their own ride so that they can enjoy their vacations to its fullest. The avis car hire counter present at the airport is well equipped with the number and quality of vehicles they offer and the schemes they have working in Exeter. The avis counter is open from the time of first check-in of flight till the last flight check-out. The timings could differ at weekends and at public and bank holidays. The avis car hire company offers wide range of cars for luxury use as well as large carriages to carry a big family, the demand of vehicle depends on the passenger.

Passengers can walk up to the franchise and after a complete satisfied survey of vehicles and discount packages offered can fill out the insurance formality forms and move ahead towards their rides. It is however, advisable to avoid any hassle at the premises of the airport in case it is crowded or by the time you arrive the franchise is closed, to book a ride in advance. Through avis flex customers can now rent a car for more than a week if they wish to. Avis has introduced environmental friendly scheme in which they give fuel efficient cars for hiring to their customers and always recommend them to their customers.