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Europcar Exeter Airport

Exeter airport is stuffed with all the possible facilities for the convenience of their customer irrespective of the fact that the airport is never too busy and small one in area. The airport is surrounded by a well thought of plan of roads that leads straight into the city and out o the city. There are two highways that reach out from the airport and both are surrounded with lush green fields on either side. So it is highly recommended to have your own vehicle while crossing those in case you want to take a stop and fill yourself in with the refreshing nature around you which you can never do while on a public transport fallowing a strict schedule not having enough time to stop and ponder.

The Exeter administration realizes this need and hence provides Europcar car hire service to their passengers. The Europcar counter is in the arrivals lounge and is open all days a week. The timings of the counter start with the work hour of the rest of the airport and an end up till the entire airport closes. The work hours of weekends, public and bank holidays are different from those of the rest of the days. To know the exact timings of the working hours you can visit the airport’s official website or the Europcar’s website could be of much help. Advance booking is always encouraged at europcar to avoid any issues of closed counter at site.

It’s better to be sure that your vehicle will be waiting for you at your time of arrival. Europcar offers a wide range of vehicles to choose from. They have different categories that they offer to different customer according to their demands. Europcar is famous for their discounts and seasonal sales and if you are a member these sales add up to your prestige discount.