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Budget Exeter Airport

At Exeter airport there are various rent-a-car companies working for the convenience of passengers, so that they don’t have to walk out of the airport into the public transport and then arrange their selves a vehicle to move around. Passengers can now easily hire a car on site of the airport. The rent a car companies have opened their cabins right in the arrivals terminals so that the passengers coming out of the check-out area and decide on their transportation and hire a car on spot if they will. One of the rent-a-car companies that are found among those franchises is Budget.

Budget has its franchise at almost every European airport and more. Budget has wide range of vehicles to offer to their customers. Budget rent-a-car is also well known for their affordable fares. The Budget counter is open at Exeter airport from the time at which first check-in starts and closed by the last check-out time, therefore the passengers never have to worry about finding the counter close for the airport remains open. The timings however do differ on weekends and at the bank holidays so if your flight is in between such days it is better for your convenience to book a vehicle in advance.

You can find a wide range of vehicles to choose from online at the official website of budget and even confirm the working hours of Budget counter at Exeter. Booking a vehicle in advance have a lot of advantages this way you would not have to suffer from high cost fares for the rates of an onsite franchise are higher than off site as the airport premises taxes are included. Secondly you can also avoid trouble of finding yourself a public transport incase the franchise has been closed before the arrival of your flight.